Friday, August 20, 2010

September Issue!

Hey guys :)
Soo, the best part of going back to school...
there isn't.
The bast part of this time of year...
I just got my W magazine September issue and when it came I just hugged it. They are always so big and luscious and when I get them I think about the hours I will spend on my bed flipping, circling and reading the wonderful things that these book size magazines hold.
I can't wait til my vogue comes, I was at the store today and saw that the beautiful Halle Berry is on the cover!
While I wait, I'm surfing the internet and look what I found through weardrobe,
So basically this website is a stylist's dream; you get to shop a lot of clothes, put them on the digital model and you could do it for hours on end!!
I've already done two outfits and I want them hhhah it's almost just more temptation for me.
Til next time,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fashion Show!

Hello people :)
Soooooooo this summer I've been taking a Fashion Class at Columbia College. It was a lot of fun and I'm really glad I did it. My teachers were Bruce Woods and Barbara Samuels and they were amazing, I think just hearing everything that they have done and their experience in the Fashion Industry has inspired me.
During the whole class we were working up to our final Fashion Show. Our theme was Recycling and our goal was to show how you could incorporate that into Fashion. I think it turned out really well and I had so much fun. Here's what I showed at the show, enjoy!

dress made out of target bags

(if only my eyes were open this would be my favorite picture)

dress made out of post its and shirt made out of paper clips

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Target or Lady Gaga (I feel like Gaga would like my paperclip shirt). Please tell me cause I would love to sell my designs.

Til next time, SJRP.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

That First Step Forward

Hey Bloggers,

In our first post, Renee and I mentioned that our motivation for this blog was seeing girls younger than us moving forward with their lives while we continued to dream with no action. I finally decided to get up and take a few preemptive steps toward my future. I had one of my very talented friends take headshots of me. Im looking forward to sending these in to a modeling agency and see where this takes me :) Here is a sneak peak at a few of the headshots.