Friday, August 20, 2010

September Issue!

Hey guys :)
Soo, the best part of going back to school...
there isn't.
The bast part of this time of year...
I just got my W magazine September issue and when it came I just hugged it. They are always so big and luscious and when I get them I think about the hours I will spend on my bed flipping, circling and reading the wonderful things that these book size magazines hold.
I can't wait til my vogue comes, I was at the store today and saw that the beautiful Halle Berry is on the cover!
While I wait, I'm surfing the internet and look what I found through weardrobe,
So basically this website is a stylist's dream; you get to shop a lot of clothes, put them on the digital model and you could do it for hours on end!!
I've already done two outfits and I want them hhhah it's almost just more temptation for me.
Til next time,

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