Friday, August 20, 2010

September Issue!

Hey guys :)
Soo, the best part of going back to school...
there isn't.
The bast part of this time of year...
I just got my W magazine September issue and when it came I just hugged it. They are always so big and luscious and when I get them I think about the hours I will spend on my bed flipping, circling and reading the wonderful things that these book size magazines hold.
I can't wait til my vogue comes, I was at the store today and saw that the beautiful Halle Berry is on the cover!
While I wait, I'm surfing the internet and look what I found through weardrobe,
So basically this website is a stylist's dream; you get to shop a lot of clothes, put them on the digital model and you could do it for hours on end!!
I've already done two outfits and I want them hhhah it's almost just more temptation for me.
Til next time,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fashion Show!

Hello people :)
Soooooooo this summer I've been taking a Fashion Class at Columbia College. It was a lot of fun and I'm really glad I did it. My teachers were Bruce Woods and Barbara Samuels and they were amazing, I think just hearing everything that they have done and their experience in the Fashion Industry has inspired me.
During the whole class we were working up to our final Fashion Show. Our theme was Recycling and our goal was to show how you could incorporate that into Fashion. I think it turned out really well and I had so much fun. Here's what I showed at the show, enjoy!

dress made out of target bags

(if only my eyes were open this would be my favorite picture)

dress made out of post its and shirt made out of paper clips

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Target or Lady Gaga (I feel like Gaga would like my paperclip shirt). Please tell me cause I would love to sell my designs.

Til next time, SJRP.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

That First Step Forward

Hey Bloggers,

In our first post, Renee and I mentioned that our motivation for this blog was seeing girls younger than us moving forward with their lives while we continued to dream with no action. I finally decided to get up and take a few preemptive steps toward my future. I had one of my very talented friends take headshots of me. Im looking forward to sending these in to a modeling agency and see where this takes me :) Here is a sneak peak at a few of the headshots.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Investments Are Good

Hey everyone, it's Renee!

So, I was flipping through the pages of my teen vogue last night and at the end is my favorite part, the "Shopping Spree" section. I always love what's there and it's a must that I have a pen in hand when I'm looking at it.

This issue I've been really impressed with Teen Vogue. From the eight page spread of the "School House Rock" photo shoot to the "Shopping Spree" pages they have defiantly economized. I know I always see something I have to have and when I look at how much it is, I just get sad cause a couple hundred is just a little out of my budget. But this issue I looked, jumped for joy and went straight to see if I could buy it!

So I've already gotten the Olsenboye for jcpenny canvas buckle tote in tan and I love it
and I even found another bag i liked when I was shopping
it's this Military Backpack, I thought it was a pretty good investment

Next on my list,

this cute wildfox top at


this shirt/dress, I wanted it as soon as I saw it on

once my paycheck comes I'm going straight here

I feel like I'm already back to school shopping, is that bad? I still want summer

Till next time,


Saturday, July 10, 2010

you try to call me but you're breaking up

Love this new music video and the song
Sky Ferreira's hair is soooo gorgeous!
love the lightbulb microphone :D
go and watch it!!!!
Till next time,

That Perfect Pair

You know how you always have that one either pair of shoes or jeans that you go to when you don't know what you want to wear. Youf favorite pair that you always feel great in. But shopping for that one things is hard and long and I just get tired.
And I hate when you buy something you literally wear it for one day and haven't worn it since.
Like Simedar said, Seventeen was all about jeans this month it was almost overwhelming. I can't figure out what body shape I am and then there's a million brands they have in there that are the best something. I just have never know or learned how to shop for that perfect pair in fact my favorite pair that fits amazing was a pair I got free at a huge concert thing I went to. I am determined though this year to find that SUPER FREAKING AWESOME pair of jeans or pairs (if I'm being ambitious). A pair that not only is comfortable but also a good price point. Then after I accomplish that, I'm going after some jeggings!

I might have already my jeggings!!

Hopefully I find my jeans :/

Till next time,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey bloggers!!
hey everyone it's Simedar!
Renee finally got me to get up and update this blog so let me catch you up to speed.
So i just got my Seventeen and I'd just like to say that if you don't already have a subscription to this magazine you should get one ASAP!
Seventeen has some of the best fashion tips for everyday, parties, etc. This issue was focused on finding the perfect way to were jeans. I also really like the great relationship advice and how the articles actually inspires you to be healthy.
I know that sound super corny but really, this magazine gets a million thumbs up from me.

if you have a chance to get one check it out it'll have you hooked :)

keep checking for more updates!!


Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hey guys it's Renee!

I'm in Michigan right now taking lots of pictures :D

it's kinda funny though i've been on the computer a lot since I got here but I decided we needed to update this here blog

Soooo I just found this website called

I LOVE IT!!!!!

at first I didn't get it at all but you can basically shop (pretend) then it goes into you "closet" if you click I love it and there is just a lot of cool stuff like fashion news, other people who are uploading there stuff, you have your own inspiration board and you can take pics of your outfits and stuff and put it up there
I might just be really weird but I wasted like 7 hours last night on it
go check out my page and follow me and I'll follow you!

So anyways, I'm forcing Simedar and myself to start actually
posting more often on here

we'll be around

Till next time, SJRP

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring 2010 Couture

Hey everyone it's Renee. Today me and Simedar went to our fashion club at our school. Our "club" (we can't be called a club yet cause it's the first year and the school won't sponsor us it's complicated) was asked to put together a fashion show and we are also doing other cool things like collecting shoes for people in Haiti, designing shirt for our "club" and going to fashion shows. I can speak for both us to say we are really excited about what were doing. Keep you posted and what's going on and hopefully I can get some pictures up of the final fashion show!

So today when I got home I went through all of the recent 2010 fashion shows. So far Alexis Mabille, Anne Valerie Hash, Armani Prive, Chanel, Christian Dior, Elie Saab, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier and Thimister have their Spring 2010 Collections out. Between all the collections you see pastels, silver, neon, amazing textures and patterns.

The Christian Dior collection had a duchess theme with top hats, writing crops, and lace lace lace. This was one of our favorite pieces; we loved the pastel yellow and these white shoes throughout the whole show.
Valentino had great texture which was unbelievable and some neon stripes here and there. The one stripe kept showing up whether on a dress, with the models makeup or in a models head as a ribbon head piece.

Jean Paul Gaultier's collection is hard to describe with words you just have to see it. The texture it lovely and some of the head pieces are wild. Maybe that could be one adjective to describe this collection, wild. From the feathers and the leaves the collection defiantly has a new unique style.

Givenchy had unique head pieces and unique pieces. I really like this purple one that had the faded purple one the bottom and the sparkly silver on top. The volume on both of these pieces I choose from the collection is one of the reasons I liked this collection. This was probably one of my favorite collections, Ellie Saab. I loved the natural feel to it and the sparkles. It was so hard to cut down to five looks because there were so many that I wanted to put on here (Simedar had to get me to do it). I loved the ice princess feel with the final dress (below, first on my list), the texture of the second one is amazing they look almost like scales to me and that gives the model this mermaid look. Altogether the flow of the clothes, the natural theme and the mirror runway that made it look like the sea all made me love this collection even more.

Alexis Mabille had a two toned color theme throughout the clothes and models. It had a great geometric feel to the line with all the clothes and the design of the runway.

Friday, January 22, 2010

What's up, people? This is renee and simedar. So basically we are best friends that have different styles but there both our own and we both love each other's. Recently we both had this feeling that our life's aren't going anywhere (however cliche that sounds) and we wanted to do something about it. So we decided to start this blog. We are going to be putting up stuff we like and pictures and fun stuff soon. So check back with us!!

Til next time,