Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey bloggers!!
hey everyone it's Simedar!
Renee finally got me to get up and update this blog so let me catch you up to speed.
So i just got my Seventeen and I'd just like to say that if you don't already have a subscription to this magazine you should get one ASAP!
Seventeen has some of the best fashion tips for everyday, parties, etc. This issue was focused on finding the perfect way to were jeans. I also really like the great relationship advice and how the articles actually inspires you to be healthy.
I know that sound super corny but really, this magazine gets a million thumbs up from me.

if you have a chance to get one check it out it'll have you hooked :)

keep checking for more updates!!


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  1. hey guys, i didn't know you had a style blog! It looks great :) Check mine out at Keep blogging!