Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hey guys it's Renee!

I'm in Michigan right now taking lots of pictures :D

it's kinda funny though i've been on the computer a lot since I got here but I decided we needed to update this here blog

Soooo I just found this website called

I LOVE IT!!!!!

at first I didn't get it at all but you can basically shop (pretend) then it goes into you "closet" if you click I love it and there is just a lot of cool stuff like fashion news, other people who are uploading there stuff, you have your own inspiration board and you can take pics of your outfits and stuff and put it up there
I might just be really weird but I wasted like 7 hours last night on it
go check out my page and follow me and I'll follow you!

So anyways, I'm forcing Simedar and myself to start actually
posting more often on here

we'll be around

Till next time, SJRP

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