Sunday, July 11, 2010

Investments Are Good

Hey everyone, it's Renee!

So, I was flipping through the pages of my teen vogue last night and at the end is my favorite part, the "Shopping Spree" section. I always love what's there and it's a must that I have a pen in hand when I'm looking at it.

This issue I've been really impressed with Teen Vogue. From the eight page spread of the "School House Rock" photo shoot to the "Shopping Spree" pages they have defiantly economized. I know I always see something I have to have and when I look at how much it is, I just get sad cause a couple hundred is just a little out of my budget. But this issue I looked, jumped for joy and went straight to see if I could buy it!

So I've already gotten the Olsenboye for jcpenny canvas buckle tote in tan and I love it
and I even found another bag i liked when I was shopping
it's this Military Backpack, I thought it was a pretty good investment

Next on my list,

this cute wildfox top at


this shirt/dress, I wanted it as soon as I saw it on

once my paycheck comes I'm going straight here

I feel like I'm already back to school shopping, is that bad? I still want summer

Till next time,


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